April 19, 2004
Who is that with Jeremy?

JeremyCynthiaNixon.jpgI love this. It's a really great slant on the ancient art of Sticking Photos Up On The Internet. The gimmick here is that the Photographer has a baby called Jeremy, and he gets celebs to hold/sit with Jeremy, while he photos the two of them.

On the right is my favourite of the pictures, Jeremy being held by Cynthia Nixon, who plays the ginger one called I forget what in Sex and the City.

There are quite a few politicians involved, mostly of the Democrat persuasion, although G. Gordon Liddy also gets a look in. But I suppose Democrats like him because he keeps the memory of Republican Watergate Wickedness alive by continuing to be a celeb.

Thanks to b3ta.com for linking to this. They swear a lot, but they have hearts of mush and regularly feature ultrasentimentality such as this, or kittens. Or sheep.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:35 AM
Category: Photography