May 05, 2004

Yesterday I photographed hail. Here is another in the same series.

HailonCarThumb.jpgI took the advice of Rich Coencas - commenter number one among several, (almost) all greatly appreciated, here – and beefed up the colour and contrast with Photoshop. It made a terrific difference.

UPDATE: RAB, commenting on my Samizdata pix, says:

Fine photos! Isn't digital wonderful. I take my Nikon with me everywhere now and try all sorts of shots that in the old print processing days you'd say to yourself "nahh that'll never come out, and why pay good money for a blurry blob of a photo 15 times out of 24". They don't all come out now , but digital is increasing my interest and imagination and it's costing very little. Add to that the photoshop type editing progs and we're in a new world.

Indeed. It's all down to the marginal cost of the next photo being ... zero!

But 15 out of 24? That's way above my hit rate now. Although I suppose "come out" could cover a multitude of sins.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:00 PM
Category: Photography