May 07, 2004
White bloke monkeys

I think you know what I am doing here.

First, trivially, the Billion Monkeys Project doesn't just mean female monkeys. Second, more seriously, Billion Monkeys could sound like some sort of racist complaint about all the non-white people wandering around London taking pictures. Actually the monkeys thing is a reference to those million monkeys who wouldn't type the works of Shakespeare no matter how long they went at it. The Billion Monkeys have a billion little digital cameras, and are doing, I assert, rather better than those literary monkeys. So it isn't a racist thing.

So here to prove all that: some White Bloke Monkeys. I'm one myself, but I've concentrated here on some of the others, one in particular, who had the decency to stand in front of a better background that is usual, and to cast some amusing shadows.

I hope soon to manage a little essay on why I am enjoying this project so much, and on why I believe it to be such a huge public service. But I've no time for that now.


blokestanding.jpg   blokeposter.jpg








Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:27 PM
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