June 11, 2004
Chelsea Embankment views

I began concocting this posting last night when trade at Samizdata seemed very thin, so that I could put up little versions of these photos there and link to the bigger ones here. But trade at Samizdata then thickened a little and I went to bed. But I had already done the Photoshopping of everything last night, so I now think: here they are anyway. So, here they are anyway.

All were taken from the Chelsea Embankment, just south of Samizdata HQ. I like these ducks as much for the trees of Battersea Park across the river as for the ducks.


And I like these red sailed sailing boats because I have never seen them before, and once again, I enjoy the background, this time of Battersea Power Station just down stream from the trees, and of the general mundane riverside clutter in the other picture, which is not what you generally think of when you think River Thames in London, and while soon, I should guess, be gone. The boats were fun, because they were trying to sail upstream but not making much headway, which gave me lots of time to photo them.

RedSales2detail.jpg   RedSales1detail.jpg

Then I turned my camera around and got this Bombay thing, on the road next to the embankment, which I like because I just do. I didn't get quite the picture I wanted, but enough of it to satisfy. Without help from a red traffic light, I wouldn't have got anything.


There is no significance to the confluence of Bombay and ducks. To get the bigger picture, click on these little pictures.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 04:16 PM
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