June 25, 2004

Five photos I took yesterday, on a walk along and then across the river, stopping while it rained at the BFI café. All of them involve reflections of one sort or another.

The first is bounced off a window of the Royal Festival Hall.


The second is bounced off the outside of the BFI café, but also looks through that window, and through back outside again. The snatch of bright blue sky is actually a poster.


This next one, of puddles, illustrates just how differently the camera sees things to the way you and I with our eyes (and our brains) see things. Walk along a wet pavement and all we see is a wet pavement, a flat surface. We know it's flat, so we flatten it. The camera sees right through the wetness to everything that is reflected in it.


Here is a (small and blurred) self portrait, taken on the north side of the river, in the mysterious tunnel leading to Charing Cross station, which was also featured in this set of photos, the one with the blurry arches.


The final one is maybe even more extreme. This is of an entirely flat, black wall. Outside the PriceWaterhouse building, if I remember it right.


Have a nice weekend.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:52 PM
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