June 01, 2004
The Museum of London Picture Library

Thanks to this Spectator article about it, I found my way, if not to the London Museum itself, at least to its website, and then, I of course clicked on this treasure trove of photos, in seach of treasure.

My two favourites were this:


… and this:


Both include a heavy dose of "nature", although I have no idea what that proves. Possibly that the hustle and bustle of London only interests me if I am the one photographing it, and that I happen now to be more interested in new London buildings than in older ones.

This collection seems to contain a lot of pictures of Suffragettes and also, for some reason, of the Notting Hill Carnival, the latter ones being among the relatively few recent colour photos.

Of the Suffragette ones, I especially liked this one (which I found myself muddling up with this equally fetching photo), plus I also liked this one, of some Suffragette celebs. And of the Carnival pictures, try this.

Ah. classy birds.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 05:16 PM
Category: Photography