June 02, 2004
Three strawberry blonde ladies from the photo archives

I've been having a sift through my photo archives, for reasons that may or may not have visible consequences here Quite Soon Now, and I had half an eye open for a quota posting for today. And I came across this, of three London Ladies striding through Soho:


Click on it for a bigger version.

I took this with the old Minolta – which explains the somewhat pinkish hue to everything despite Photoshop's best efforts – and I got lucky. The settings were such that the slightest movement by the subject relative to the camera would cause blurring. I was moving the camera to track the ladies, and got quite a lot of them approximatelly 'still', especially the one at the back. The further down the legs you go the faster there was movement and the more blurry things get, a pleasing effect. And the camera was moving enough relative to the background to blur that also. All of which is pretty obvious, or I wouldn't have been able to tell you myself. All I really mean is: hope you like it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:13 PM
Category: Photography