July 21, 2004
A new Libeskind building in north London

I didn't clock this new London building, by Daniel Libeskind, until today I found it while scratching through an old Guardian education section.

I will suspend any serious judgement until I've seen it in the flesh. Or in the steel.


Provisional prejudice: don't like the bad-mannered way I suspect it of joining the pavement. But that could be quite wrong. Maybe the pavement outside is nice, and bigger than usual, in a good way.

With buildings like this, a lot depends on the detailing, whether it looks as slick as the model did - if the model looked slick - and whether the detailing lasts, or instead self-inflicts all kinds of horrible stains, etc. I will photo it myself soon, and if I am still doing this in a couple of years time someone should jog my memory about it and make me go and photo it again.

I agree with the commenter that it looks like it's fallen over. But as other commenters say, the rest of the area is pretty dreary, and at least this livens things up. Yes, I rather think that will be my considered opinion. But I'll wait to see it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:19 PM
Category: Architecture