July 05, 2004
Billion Monkey TV programme that I must see

Damn. I just missed this:

The Gadget Show

This is Channel Five, by the way. This evening, 7.30 pm.

4/10. …

That means it's the fourth in a series of ten shows.

… One of the current "must have" items, the digital camera, is put to the test as Suzi Perry compares its photos to those from a 35mm film camera. Tom Dunmore recommends the best digital models on the market.

I'm putting this up here not for the edification of my readers. You are all, let's face it, edified enough as it is. No, it's for me. The show will be repeated at 9.25 am on Wednesday morning, and by typing this in I increase my chances of catching it then, or at the very least setting the video for then.

Here's a picture of some people who are quite happy with what they have:


…complete with a moving car in the background. This is an effect which I particular like.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 09:22 PM
Category: Photography