July 14, 2004
Broadway musical redirection

AnnieGetYourGun.jpgI did a posting today at my Education Blog about this CD, and some of its lyrics, and picture of the cover of it didn't load properly. Also, the design was ungainly. Small pictures to the right do not mix well with a song lyric. So now I'm trying it here. If there is no picture here either, that means it failed again, and you can ignore this, which you probably would have done anyway.

Well, it seems now to be working. Very odd.

Just to fill in a bit more space, does liking Bernardette Peters make you (by which I mean me) gay? I shall continue to like Bernadette Peters anyway, but would like to know what conclusions people are going to draw from this.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:22 PM
Category: Music miscellaneous