July 30, 2004
Evening sun on it and darkness behind it

I did a link-piece to today to Robert Paterson's Weblog, about small schools, and on my travels among his stuff I encountered this photo, one of a pair, which demonstrates that he shares my helpless love for evening sun hitting objects with dark clouds behind them, the objects in Robert Paterson's case being trees:


I constantly take pictures like this one, but they constantly disappoint. The trouble is that my camera isn't powerful enough to do justice to such scenes. By the nature of things, there is not as much light around, and especially not in the dark bits of course, as during regular daylight, and my poor little camera goes into what is, I think, called "lossy" mode. And if I want to see any detail in the dark bits, the light bits are far too light So don't look closely, all you will see is a blur only bigger. But I can't help myself. When I see evening sun on anything with dramatic dark clouds behind it, and if I have my camera with me, I immediately start snapping.

So here are two recent efforts by me in the same genre:



I'm sure Robert Paterson's trees looked even better when he actually saw them. So did these chimneys and this spire and this office block. Trust me.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:09 PM
Category: Photography