July 26, 2004
Gherkin stars in Capital Radio bus advert

Today I was in Oxford Street and spotted – and hastily snapped – one of my favourite things, this back of bus advert:


It's one of my favourite things because it combines three of my favourite things: Johnny Vaughan, London double decker buses, and the Erotic Gherkin. This is an advert for Johnny Vaughan's Capital Radio breakfast show, as you can see if you look carefully.

I'm trying to think of a new building in London which has been such an instant hit. The only other one I can think of which has been comparably successful is what began life as the Post Office Tower, and is now, presumably, called the BT Tower, although by now it could be something else again.

I can't help comparing these two popular hits with that lump out in Docklands, the Canary Wharf Tower, which impresses mostly because it is so big, but otherwise hardly at all. I've recently taken a couple of trips to Docklands. More about that when I've the time, and have mulled over the wording some more.

For another fine use of a bus, see the last of these pictures.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:37 PM
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