September 27, 2004
Digital photographic opportunism

Yesterday I blogged about the extreme usefulness of having a digital camera small enough to take everywhere, all the time. Here are some photos which illustrate this.

From the left.

One. A picture of England's ace rugby fly half Jonny Wilkinson, advertising cholesterol, or something to do with cholesterol, in a local chemist. I thought this might come in handy at this blog, and in fact I have already used it, although not very relevantly.

Two. Every so often, the evening sun shines in from the West, straight back down Oxford Street, and if there are clouds above, the effects can be very striking, as they were when I took this photo. Clearly, a better camera, or me being cleverer with my existing camera, would have been better. But a better camera would not have been in my pocket and ready to go.

Three. Taken moments before or after the previous one, after I think - "Borders" featuring in both. The first of three pictures where the point is not photographic excellence but the facts being photographed, in this case the fact that Bill Bryson's book on science, which I like and admire so much is being piled high and sold cheap in London's bookshops. Either they think they can massively increase their sales by discounting, or they printed far too many copies and are desperate to get rid of them. Don't know which.

Four. The point here, once again, is the price tag. And this is in Blockbuster. That's right. Blockbuster is now in the second hand DVD market and its cheapest DVDs are going for £3. That's less than Oxfam charges. A sure sign of a price plunge is when the people who know the business are discounting their product more severely than the charity shops. And we're talking about reasonably good DVDs too. Not total rubbish by any means. The Grinch was quite a hit, I believe.

I think these cheapo DVDs are the result of a scheme where they buy DVDs off customers in exchange for further business, at about £1 or £2 a go presumably,.

And finally five. Here is a case of a photo which doesn't need an expensive camera, and where again, the info is the point. My particular point being that I think there is something slightly out of line with the universe when potato crisps are sold in "limited editions". What are they? Engravings? David Hockneys? Read of a customer sighting here (scroll down to Friday May 21 2004), by this guy.

They are very tasty, though. And I thought I'd best be sure and buy two bags, what with it being only a limited edition ...


Not a Billion Monkey to be seen.

I think I have zeroed in on what digital camera I want:

The best digital camera in the world, money no object, that I can fit into my jacket pocket, and preferably which uses Compact Flash cards so I don't have to stop using the ones I have.

So, what might that be?

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