September 26, 2004
More Blackheath pictures

This posting is being done to test out the spacing of thumbnail photos, to see if they will fit. Don't bother yourself about what this involves or why. Just click on the small photos to get the bigger versions.

All these photos were taken on the same expedition as yielded these two snaps.

All are good in some way or another, but not necessarily as good in all ways as I would like. In particular, some are of nice things, but didn't come out so nicely. My twin obsessions – London towers (in this case the Docklands towers, again) and digital photographers – are on show, sometimes in the same picture. The lady with her bottom facing us was chasing a squirrel.


Those who are somewhat distressed by the technical inadequacy of these snaps will not be surprised to learn that I have signed up for a course in Beginner Digital Photography. I did the first day of this last week. I said that the things that bothered me most were controlling light, and focussing. With luck, I will learn how to do these things better. Next week it's "controlling image outcomes", which sounds like what I want.

While at the class, I asked whether it made sense for me to get a more expensive camera, or make do with the cheap (Canon A70) camera that I already have. The teacher brought along a bunch of Canon EOS 300D cameras, which he said were good, costing around £700, he reckoned. Would that be great improvement, or just an opportunity for me to take bad pictures more expensively?

One thing I do know is that this Canon EOS whatever is a whole lot less convenient. The thing I love about the tiny ones like mine is that I can catch opportunist snaps which I didn't go looking for but merely chanced upon, as a result of having it with me all the time. And using two different cameras seems like a really bad idea, never mind the extra expense.

The teacher favoured more teaching. But then he would, wouldn't he?

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