September 24, 2004
Nikolai Getman's GULAG paintings

My very good virtual friend, Scott Wickstein, writes on Samizdata today about the painter and GULAG victim Nikolai Getman. Here's where you can see some of his paintings.

Samizdata is not that strong on pictures, because it's a group blog and group bloggers are often nervous about infringing picture rules which they only think about occasionally. So, here (where I do know the rules because they're mine) is a Getman painting. Any of dogs? - I wondered. I've read about those dogs. Yes.


I also nearly picked instead one of this, this, and/or this. That last one may actually be my favourite one of all, as of now.

I really do not know if connoisseurs of painting rate Getman's work highly or not, as paintings, assuming any of them are capable of being unbiased about it. They certainly look very striking to me. And the subject was definitely worth all the effort.

I'd never heard of Getman before, so particular thanks to Scott.

(By the time I got around to checking all these links, they had stopped working. Has Getman perchance been "Samizlaunched"? It would be nice to think so. I'll check them later, but that may be some time later as tonight I have a Brian's Friday. IMMEDIATE UPDATE: They all now work.))

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:18 PM
Category: Painting