October 07, 2004
At last – a good picture of Vicky Pollard

Finally, today, I found – and am able to show you – a picture of the one, the only, the magnificent Vicky Pollard


… which does her justice, and puts her in her deserved place in British society, on a phone box.

Vicky is already working her magic on British Pop Culture. One of my favourite TV shows just now – actually it just finished this evening – is called Doc Martin. It's about a grumpy doctor in a Cornwall village played by Martin Clunes. And, Doc Martin has an amazingly strange and insubordinate secretary, played by the excellent Lucy Punch. Now it may all be coincidence, but as far as I'm concerned Lucy Punch in Doc Martin was a thinner, better looking Vicky Pollard, with twiddlier hair.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:43 PM
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