October 24, 2004
Classy birds

Another photo to show you. I went walking in the Hammersmith area earlier in the week, beside the river, the weather being windy but otherwise perfect. Some seagulls were congregating around a man throwing bread to them and my companion said I should I attempt to photo them. So I snapped away, but I wasn't hopeful. I expected tiny smudges. However, when I got home and screened them, it turned out that some of them were decidedly okay, this being the best bit of the best one.


Had I known how well I was doing I'd have done more snaps, and maybe got something even better. The two on the lower right of things are a bit of a muddle. I have been learning Photoshop lately, and in particular have learned how to eliminate such things. But Photoshop is evil. We can now all lie with our cameras, but we shouldn't.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:34 AM
Category: Photography