October 31, 2004
Tv-ing the silver lining

Not every cloud has a silver lining, but this one (which I chanced upon out in the suburbs yesterday) did, which made it look not unlike this:


It actually wasn't as dramatic as that makes it look. But it did have that bright line around the edge of the cloud, definitely brighter than the sky behind. I photoed it on "AUTO" (automatic), but that completely ignored the contrast between the line around the cloud and the sky behind, making both equally bright.

Then I thought back to those digital camera lessons I did, and tried it on "Tv" (timer variation?), and quickened the shutter speed (?). My first stab with that was excessively dark, but lengthening it a little got me what I wanted. Even the crappy little screen on my cheap camera suggested that this had worked.

Back home with the computer, the original AUTO pictures weren't as bad as they looked on the camera. But the Tv ones were definitely better, at least for that silver lining.

Click to get it larger. Although I'm not sure if that really adds much.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 05:25 PM
Category: Photography