November 30, 2004
Billion Monkey snaps self in Harley Davidson

Busy day, so instead of proper blogging, more stupid photos of things reflected off a shiny surface.

This was the big picture:


And here were two little pictures I took of myself. Click to make them bigger.


My poor little camera was set on automatic, and it had a hard time deciding what to focus on, but it did okay, I hope you agree.

This mighty, shiny, machine was and as far as I know still is parked outside a shop in the Kings Road that sells things like Harley Davidson handbags and Harley Davidson deodorant. Or I think that's what it sells. To be honest (my sister said to me when last we met and I used this expression: "Does this mean that normally you aren't?") I didn't look, on account of not caring.

And yes, I have had a hair cut. I do not need to be told this. I was fully conscious at the time, and I myself paid for this to be done.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:55 PM
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