November 27, 2004
Democracy for foxes

This is only very tangentially describable as culture, but it made me howl with laughter:

You are a British fox. How would you most like to be killed?

- I would like to be shot by a farmer.

- I would like to be chased cross country by posh people, then bitten by dogs.

- I would like to be dug out by terriers, then bashed on the head with a shovel.

- I would like to be mown down by traffic.

- I would like to be caught in a wire snare.

- I would like to be trapped in a cage, then stoned to death with champagne bottles in an Oxbridge college.

Go here (scroll down, it's in the column on the right) to vote. But hurry, it will soon be replaced by something else equally tasteless.

This is a laugh too. At present that takes you exactly where the last link took you, but trust me, this will change in the future.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:42 PM
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