November 04, 2004
Dying leaves

There are lots of autumn pictures around, around now, what with it being, around now, autumn.

I particularly like this one.

Here are two from me, which I wondered whether to bother with, and would not have bothered with had there not been this excuse.

AutumnLeafS.jpg   AutumnS.jpg

The tower one is of a car roof. I like how the curved roof curves the tower. I like the tower because to me it is home, in the sense that I live (contentedly) opposite the thing and see it every day. If you do not like it, I understand.

If you're not that impressed with these leaves, that's okay. This is the Olde English autumn, not the blazing insanity of colours that is the New England Fall.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:42 PM
Category: Photography