November 24, 2004
How much is that Predator in the window?

As regulars here will know, I am a statue-spotter. And this evening, in Oxford Street, and I chanced upon another very striking statue, in a shop window.

Here's the shop, so you can see the overall size of the thing, and how they displayed it:


Here's the entire thing itself:


And here's a close-up of its head and shoulders:


Scary, eh? And I really think that this is an original piece of art, rather than some piece of movie spin-off tat mass produced in plastic. All those chains and wheels look to me like someone here in London thought of it, and felt strongly about it.

These photos are going up here because I will shortly be doing a posting at Samizdata about these statues, of a horsey, a doggie-woggie, and two ickle pretty donkeys, which do rather suggest that this country is going soft.

This Predator statue, however, says otherwise, and I will link to this also.

As for how much it is, I didn't at the time think to ask.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:37 PM
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