November 21, 2004
Pakistani truck art ascends the brightest heaven of invention

So I googled for news about "art" and this time, rich findings, in the form of the following excellent headline:

Alliance Francaise de Lahore to showcase Pakistani truck art:

Isn't that great? Gives a whole new meaning to the letters PTA, doesn't it? But sadly, no pictures with that story.

Google again, this time for "Pakistani Truck Art", and wow, what a great set of hits.

These photos are good, particularly this one (because of the mountains in the background) and my favourite, which is this one:


A muse of fire.

More information here.

And it occurs to me that this, which I found here (scroll to the bottom), says something quite profound about where art comes from:

... It is said that many truck drivers, unable to marry because of lack of time or money, pour all of their money, love and inspiration into their vehicles.

Art as sublimated marriage. Implication: allowing pre- and non-marital sex hurts art. Art of a certain sort - obsessional, time-consuming, intricate - yes, maybe. Don't really know, but it's a thought.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 09:49 PM
Category: Painting