November 11, 2004
Pictures of the London Olympic bid

Busy day, so expect not a lot from me here today, other than this.

On my blog travels I stumbled upon the pictures being emitted in connection with the London Olympic bid.

If this was a Samizdata posting, I would now sneer for a paragraph at the London Olympic bid. But this is not Samizdata, so I will merely say I'm not sure about these edifices. Plus, as a London council tax payer in a part of London that the Labour Party has it in for, I am very nervous about what it will cost me.

I can see these objects working quite well during the Olympics, but then what? What, for instance, will happen to all those huge walkways? The phrase "herd of white elephants" suggests itself.

See a bigger version of this aerial view …


here. Note that you can see that other white elephant, the Dome, in the distance.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:36 AM
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