November 17, 2004
TVs – they're getting bigger and they're getting flatter

Here are a couple of pictures of TVs, both snapped on the electric toys floor of a big London department store.

These are the bigger ones:


… and these are the flatter ones:


Click on these pics to get even more tellies!

By and large the bigger ones aren't flat yet, and the flat ones aren't big yet, although you can get anything at a price. And the little ones at the back of the top picture aren't either big or flat, merely cheap.

But … the age of the big, flat, cheap TVs cannot be far away.

Incidentally, I have started to notice boxes to stick next to your TV that record TV programmes onto a hard disc rather than only tape, or even rewritable DVDs. I think I might soon be in the market for one of these. The Yanks call these TiVos, yes? Or is that something rather different? Or would it make more sense for me to get a machine that can make DVDs as well.

At present I can't seem to be able to record digital TV onto tape. It goes all wonky. Presumably a box like this would not misbehave thus. ?

Anyone got any opinions about these gadgets?

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:32 PM
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