December 10, 2004
A few quota links

This link to this Samizdata posting today about more Fritz Werner Bach, plus a reminder that I continue to churn out stuff for here, will probably be your lot today.

Well, here is a nice picture of Medellin, which is in Central America somewhere, I think (Columbia?), which I tried to steal from Harry Hutton's picture gallery. "Public" means, I can do that, right? (I mean, what the hell do I know about intellectual property. I signed up for that CNE gig to find out about it, not because I know anything about it already.) But I couldn't make that work.

That big church on the right looks to be quite something, and it still towers over its surroundings.

Flickr seems to be getting very popular nowadays. Can it show pictures as big as I like to, 800 by 600, filling most of your screen? That Medellin picture ought to be as big as possible, I think.

JP, your New York pictures will go up this weekend, I hope, big as possible, but I promise nothing.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 06:49 PM
Category: Photography