December 08, 2004
A painting with other paintings in it

From time to time I wonder if I should stop bothering about "culture", stick only to the things that already fascinate me, and stop looking over the garden fence, so to speak, at other people's obsessions. However, I go genuinely enjoy rootling around at this site.

Today, my two favourites were this one (done in 1480), with its strangely different sized figures, and this one, which is interesting in that it contains other paintings.


It must have been the case that lots of the people painted by posh painters had lots of other paintings, yet you tend not to see these other paintings in the paintings. So, I find it refreshing that you do in this one. Where is that, in the one on the right as we look at it?

But. notice how the artist (James Holland – 1799-1870) has made sure that none of the picture frames behind his sitters interfere with their heads. The wall behind Father looks a bit of a mess though.

When photographing people I try also to remember about background interference. I am certainly angry with myself when I forget to and it comes out with the faces at the front all stabbed into by background objects or imagery. (Memo to self: I am working on that guide to being a Billion Monkey requested by Scot Wickstein (see comment on this), and must remember to include that, about backgrounds.)

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:08 PM
Category: Painting