January 21, 2005
A futuristic tower on the south side of Euston Road

Busy day, so just a quick architecture photo I took today on my travels:


The combination of the fading light and my cheap camera makes these buildings look bluer and weirder than they really are, but I find the effect rather pleasing. I don't know what they are, in particular the tall one at the back, but they on the opposite side of the big interchange at the bottom of it from Euston Tower. Go to the top end of Tottenham Court Road, turn right along the south of Euston Road, and there you are. This is not a place I usually visit, and I knew nothing of this building until I saw it today. I now realise I should have taken the time to find out a little more of what it is and what is inside it. Sorry about that. I was just too tired after a day wandering about doing stuff.

It's the tall bit at the back that I like. There's something about the curve of the wall, and those sticking out right angles at the top, that just manages to raise it above the level of mundane modern vernacular. I think I detect in this design the continuing influence of this man.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:07 PM
Category: Architecture