January 19, 2005
Billion Monkey photos dead people

As regulars here will know, I like to stick up something every day, or more exactly every night before midnight, and that something, because this is quick, is often one of my photos. This often works well, and for a particular reason. Often, I don't know straight away which of my photos I'm going to like. The ones I like best have a way of sneaking up on me. At first they look nothing special, but a month or two later, I still like them. Such a one was this:


I don't know this guy (click to make him even bigger); I just happened to encounter him in this graveyard, but I'm afraid I can't recall exactly which graveyard this was. It is the kind of graveyard where famous people are buried, I do remember that. But it is already too late for me to be able politely to ring the person I shared the walk with and find out. I'll try to do this later and with luck there will be an informative addendum.

I love the Internet. Thanks to it, we Billion Monkeys photomaniacs can exhibit our favourite snaps and have them enjoyed by whoever in the world cares to enjoy them, without forcing intolerable slide shows upon our friends and relatives.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:59 PM
Category: Photography