January 09, 2005
My back yard from the air

Incoming email from Billy Beck, who reckons I might like this photo, of my part of London, from an airplane. He reckons right, partly because of the cute little union jack, shining forth in the gloom, but mostly because of what's on the ground.


Not to be used for any reason blah blah, so maybe it will vanish from here, but either way you can find a bigger version here.

I live pretty much in the middle, and can pick out all my local roads and walks. Top(ish) right(ish): the Wheel. Bottom in the middle: Battersea Power Station. Three famous parks (left to right): the right hand end of Hyde Park, Green Park and St James' Park.

Did some more rootling at the same site, and also came across this rather striking picture of an Airbus A320 control panel.

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