January 20, 2005

Earlier today I did a Samizdata piece about the dodgy methods being used to sell the Airbus A380, and in the course of googling for info about this massive aircraft, I visited this blog. (Go there now, and scroll down, and you eventually get to an A380 picture.)

This blog, written in a language which is entirely unfamiliar to me, is not a very copying friendly blog, and I assume that the delightful picture it now features of a cross between a high speed sporting motor bike, a Reliant Robin, and a tilting high speed train, will soon be gone. Which would be a pity. So here is a photo of the picture on my screen.


This is the kind of contraption that in earlier times I would have written about and posted pictures of here. (I still remember this amazing device with fondness.) But now, I must put all such things here, adding inexorably to the atmosphere of culture-means-anything-Brian-thinks-is-cool that pertains here, and which I have no plans to resist.


And how about that, which I found here?

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:50 PM
Category: Design