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October 21, 2002
Baffled as usual

I've categorised this as Home Schooling, because this is me, schooling myself, at home.

I'm trying to understand this thing of actually running my own blog, but of course I don't. Still, I have at least got the "BRIAN'S EDUCATION BLOG" bit at the top to look at bit less embarrassing. But where have my previous two test posts vanished to? Have they archived themselves? Perhaps.

Still, about this learning business: The key to it is to get in touch with your inner ignorance, and not be afraid of it becoming your obvious-to-everybody ignorance. Ignorance is not stupidity. Be willing to learn in public, which you can't unless you start by admitting what you don't know.

Like this. (You have to look at the first comments as well.)

Next tech-question: Do links TO Samizdata work like links WITHIN Samizdata? It never ends. Well, according to "Preview" it seems to work okay.

But will this show up now I've written it? If so, I will comment: hurrah!!

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:07 PM
Category: Home education


And although the archives seem dead and empty, you can at least find the two previous postings at RECENT ENTRIES

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on October 21, 2002 03:14 PM

So, somebody help me please, even though no one knows about this. How DO you do archiving?

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on October 21, 2002 03:16 PM

I love this stuff. I am inspired by your style and I am going to try and plagarise it as soon as possible.

Comment by: Alice Bachini on November 3, 2002 09:56 PM

Your title needs a little more typographical snob appeal. Times New Roman would be ideal At least have something with serifs. Such things matter when trying to propagate a message to the unpersuaded.

I am not too sure about having "EDUCATION" in CAPITALS either. It looks a little amateur.

Apart from that, I love it.

Comment by: Natalie Solent on November 4, 2002 02:47 PM


I forgot a full stop in my previous comment, so I am sending it on separately.

Comment by: Natalie Solent on November 4, 2002 02:49 PM


Thanks for the comments. I agree that the headings need some further thought, although I do like the sans-serif ones that Liberty Log now has.

I see no missing full stops. Go and stand in the corner.

And also, tell that man you live with that I'm now ready and waiting for a piece about the exam system.

That's all assuming you ever read this.

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on November 4, 2002 03:09 PM
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