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November 08, 2002
A comment on dyslexia

Another comment! This time from Susan Godsland of dyslexics.org.uk, responding to this. Susan says: "OK - have a look at my site then - lots of links to free educational stuff." I did and there is.

My prejudice about dyslexia is, very briefly and for what little it may be worth, that it is a real condition, but one that varies hugely in its impact according to whether the dyslexic is well or badly taught. I further believe that many are diagnosed as dyslexic who are merely people who have been severely mis-taught. But I have much to learn about this matter, and this site will surely help me a lot. Thank you very much Susan.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 06:18 PM
Category: Literacy

I actually have little to say right now, as I concur with Brian - It's too damn hot here in London, to even think. But as I just found you I would like to point you all to my blog (click on my name, below). It's all about dyslexia, and written by a dyslexic (me) who makes dyslexia focussed software. So fairly relevant I guess.

Comment by: Phil Teare on July 10, 2003 09:58 PM
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