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November 08, 2002
Links there will soon be many more

I'm just now in the throws of helping with a Libertarian Alliance conference tomorrow and Sunday, and this evening I'm about to leave for another meeting, addressed by fellow BEdBlogger Patrick Crozier. Patrick's talk won't be about anything educational, unless you count congestion charging as "educating" motorists not to come to Central London so much, which maybe you can, just about.

The only other thing I've time to say today is that I will shortly start including a lot more links here, including to such sites as the one mentioned in the posting immediately below, but also to lots of other blogs. My original thinking was that I didn't want to put off people who share my interest in educational matters but who are indifferent or even hostile to my general political prejudices. But the "blogosphere", as my blogging friends call it, is where I am going to get most of my early readers, and there are ways to phrase things to enable those who want to dig deeper into such things as dyslexia to do so without having to bother with what my blogger friends think about George W. Bush etc. Nevertheless linking to all these bloggers will definitely boost the readership of this, and that in its turn will provide an incentive for many more people like Susan to get in touch with specifically educational information and comment. I haven't even decided what heading to put my permanent link to my mothership blog Samizdata under, or the one to Instapundit, for goodness sake. So please everyone (not everyone, but you know what I mean), be patient.

I wouldn't say that everything at BEdBlog is going according to plan, because the only plan was to start it up and see. But despite all my early fumblings I am content with the first few inches of progress that have been made and look forward to the next few inches with interest and curiosity.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 06:36 PM
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"Throws" or "throes"? :)

Looking forward to hearing about the conference more; hate to have missed it.

Comment by: Russell Whitaker on November 11, 2002 05:34 PM

Yes, thank you Whitaker, I was just testing everybody. Well spotted.

(There's always one boy in the class who's cleverer than you are, isn't there?)

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on November 11, 2002 05:52 PM
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