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November 11, 2002
The aesthetics of literacy teaching

I've just finished putting a comment about the Reading Reform Foundation at the end of a piece by Friedrich of the Two Blowhards. Two Blowhards is a blog which I and several other Britbloggers have a particular affection for. This latest piece is about the fact that the people whom Friedrich had hired to teach his child to read didn't know - and worse, didn't care - whether the methods they were proposing to use were the ones that would work the best.

Friedrich identifies an aesthetic response to their preferred teaching method on the part of the teachers he was up against, an angle on this debate I haven't encountered before. Not surprising that he might spot such a thing, though. The Blowhards are nothing if not aestheticians.

I'm still recovering from The Conference (see the previous post but one) so a proper first push from this blog for these guys is beyond me at present. Let it suffice for now for me to say that regularly reading their blog is an education in itself.

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