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November 20, 2002
BEdBlog is good for Samizdata

Just to say, I've recently done a couple of education-related postings for Samizdata, about private education in Saudi Arabia, and about a home-schooling ruckus in Illinois, the latter story having stirred up a few comments, all of them supportive of the home-schoolers.

Partly, I thought that these were good wider-interest stories that Samizdata readers would appreciate. And partly, I wanted to demonstrate to the world in general, and to Samizdata's Perry de Havilland in particular, that BEdBlog isn't going to hurt my capacity to go on contributing usefully to Samizdata.

If anything, I believe that the reverse will be the case. Neither of the above two stories would have got to me if I hadn't been roaming around looking for stuff for BEdBlog. And I also believe that some stories will be "researched" by me here, as it were, with several BEdBlog postings resulting from my efforts to keep me interested, and then when I have the story clearly in focus, I can sum it all up on Samizdata, linking back to here of course. That, for example, is what may well happen with this "No Child Left Behind" stuff that I've already written about a couple of times (here and here), and maybe also the UNESCO stuff (ditto and ditto).

It's like the relationship between the specialist press and the big national daily newspapers, in the dead-tree media. I want to contribute to Samizdata, and help it to get ever better and ever more widely read. I do not want to abuse and maybe even damage that amazing Samizdata hit rate (now running at around 1,500 per day) by posting an excess (for Samizdata) of thinking aloud - or just more specialised - education stuff, such as you BEdBlog readers are going to have to self-select to like.

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