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December 01, 2002
Univerzzzzzzity Finanzzzzzzz

I just cannot get myself into a stew about university financing. I know I probably should, and maybe someone will say something that eventually wakes me up. Meanwhile, if you are already excited about this, go to Liberty Log, where there's a link to a speech by the University of St Andrews Master and Deputy Principal Professor Colin Vincent, containing the suggestion that the government should go on paying for everything, but that the posh universities, like St Andrews, should get a bigger slice of the pie.

Alex Singleton says: "I can't see the rest of the country supporting it."

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:16 PM
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The government offers thin crust pizza but the toff universities want Sicilian/Chicago deep pan. So what's new here?

By the way, Luigis on Avenue U does one of the best sicilians in Brooklyn and they aren't subsidised. If they can run a business so can St Andrews. With or without the liver salts.

The ancient universities are more able, than any of the others, to market their wares and bring in the boodle to pay for their excesses. It is outrageous that they have the temerity to expect the working middle class (not the shirking class) to pay extra for the privilege of educating others out of taxed hard earned cash. Frankly, their chancellors should be given appointments to visit a taxidermist of their choice along with any minister agreeing to this nonsense!

Bluntly, they should be cut loose to run their own pie stalls. The result would be amusing as the bun fights began to decide where the cuts would be made and which courses are chopped and which are maintained.

For those who whinge on about the cost of going to an ancient university I would point out that the earning potential would be advanced greatly by the application of market forces to the degree courses on offer.

For the other whingers who say there would be no cash for pure research, most of these colleges have eons worth of endowments to cover the costs. I very much doubt if the grant gravy train is going to dry up any day soon either.

I will lose absolutely no sleep over this issue. The dons will just have to figure out a way obtain port or claret at a more acceptable price. Or perhaps sobriety at dinner would be the order of the day in future.

Comment by: Howard Gray on December 1, 2002 08:23 PM
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