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December 04, 2002
Alice in Cyberland

From Alice Bachini, who is getting very, very good:

The Blowhards regular TV Alerts blog (of which the latest example here) is a brilliant voice in the pro-TV universe. If all those TV-is-evilcationalists could just see this, they would stop arguing that TV is bad for people and contains no useful knowledge. Oh no, they wouldn't, those people are totally irrational anyway. I forgot.

Anyway, it's not just TV that's educational. So is the internet. Including blogs, like this other Blowhard epic monster-blog which is basically a complete lesson in art and art history. Except, it's a lesson by a free-thinking individual, rather than the product of some socialist college somewhere, so it makes sense and provides actual interest (and more, in fact).

I can hardly believe it. I have spent my entire life bemoaning the extreme difficulty of finding reliable sources of useful information, and here they are now at the end of a mouse. It's amazing. What chance before of finding an informed intelligent art-historian one can actually take seriously and whose ideas one can actually trust to contain some sense, in the meanderings of everyday life? Pretty minimal, I'd say.

And you don't have to spend three years at college to access it, either. This is how universities will die, if they aren't careful. People are not so dumb that they will value pieces of paper over real knowledge forever.

I do love a good sting in the tail.

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