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December 07, 2002
Now that's a teacher

An interesting insight into the mind of a teacher, from fellow Brit-blogger Natalie Solent:

My husband spent a memorable few seconds yesterday travelling at speed down the motorway in his car. Sideways. While acting, as he put it, "as a hood ornament for a lorry."

Life's rich tapestry, eh? No one was hurt and we are fully insured, but it's all a bit of a bleah. I am now stuck home waiting for a loan car and a tow-truck to take our poor little Fiesta to hospital and possible euthanasia.

My husband said an interesting thing about his thoughts while being carried along. He didn't pray. He didn't think of his family. He's a teacher and he spends some of his time saying and even more time thinking, "Stop that! You're doing something stupid." And that's what he tried to convey telepathically to the driver of the lorry.

As I say when writing one of my "wonders of capitalism" pieces over at Samizdata, I'm impressed. A man who'll try to teach his way out of a pickle like that really is a teacher. I'm not a Christian, but if I were I might surmise that God was also impressed and did the necessary, despite not of this occasion having been asked.

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