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January 13, 2003
Welcome to Rational Parenting

I've spent today wrestling with another article for another blog, which I still haven't finished. However, I am aware of my BEdBlog duties, so here's my posting for today.

Which says: Welcome to Rational Parenting, the new specialist blog being run and mostly written (so far) by Alice Bachini. There's been lots of stuff there since it got started just over a week ago, more than enough to convince me that it will be sticking around and have new things to say most days.

My favourite bits so far have concerned an interesting parental duty, namely the duty to be happy:

Having grown up surrounded by the powerful bad meme that money-earning work is a total pain that just gets in the way of real life, I think that giving your children a definition of work as an inconvenient endurance test is very wrong and very destructive indeed. It's easy to do, all it takes is to arrive home exhausted, only ever say negative things about your job, never show signs of joy at getting up and going out of the house in the morning, and most of all, never do anything to remedy this appalling state of affairs if you can possibly help it (due to being too fed up and tired from the job). This way you can make your children think the following:
a) adult life is horrible,
b) having a family destroys your freedom, permanently,
c) the point of life is weekends and a comfortable retirement.

I think that's rather profound.

In a comment on this, Alice has already said that Rational Parenting is getting a very healthy hit rate. I'm sure this will climb a lot higher as the word gets around. I expect to learn a lot from it, and regularly to be commenting on and reacting to its contents.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:16 PM
Category: Parents and children

Thanks, Brian. In fact our reader numbers have gone down again- I think lots more links are in order. We'd like 1000 readers a day, which seems to be a good number for proper big discussions on the comments thread, I think, so some way still to go! But every link certainly helps.

Comment by: Alice Bachini on January 14, 2003 05:15 PM
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