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January 15, 2003
Muslim home-schooling is definitely a good thing

A while ago I did a posting saying that I was in favour of Muslims having the right to home-school, on the grounds that Muslim families are less likely to be Islamofascists than Muslim schools. My thanks to Daryl Cobranchi for the link to this story, which makes me a lot surer now that I was right than I was when I first said it:

The Saleem family is part of a small but growing number of American Muslims opting to teach their children at home. As do home schoolers of other faiths, Ms. Saleem says teaching her children herself ensures they absorb a strong religious identity.

But since Sept. 11, she says, a newer set of fears is pushing Muslim parents toward home-schooling: Concerns about their children's safety in public schools and, on the flip side, the possibility that they'll be exposed to extremist views in private Islamic schools.

"I'm scared for my children," she says. "Any of our children can get caught in someone's rhetoric."

It's not just that these good people are in my opinion less likely to be Islamofascists than the people running Muslim schools. That is their opinion also. And that is a huge part of why they are doing home-schooling.

I should have realised this at once, but at least I have now. Meanwhile the presumption of liberty did me proud, and I said the right thing anyway.

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