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January 19, 2003
Home-Ed on Samizdata

I like to think that there may be some people who come here regularly, but not to Samizdata. If so, these few especially might like to know that I've just done a posting on Samizdata about home-education, which refers to the Julius Blumfeld posting here, to Michael Peach's posting yesterday, and to Daryl Cobranchi's fierce response to Blumfeld. Here are the guidelines which are the current focus of the argument.

Already, as I write this now, there has been a comment on the samizdata posting, which refers to this, well I was going to say home-education story, but actually it's more like an on-the-road-education story. I hope there'll be more titbits like this. The Samizdata hit rate is currently running at well over a thousand per day, and although I don't want to abuse my position as a Samizdata contributor, I regularly feed interesting stuff from here to there.

And this debate is very interesting - but, sadly, in the Chinese sense.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 05:16 PM
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