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May 07, 2003
A little learning

I'm off to France for a week, to stay with friends friends with children, at schools and friends with a computer. So I may have both things to say and the means to go on saying them.

I hope, then, to sustain my blogging duties here. I'll do my best, but this may be all that I manage today.

As recounted elsewhere, I'm watching a terrifying play on my television called Titus Andronicus, by one William Shakespeare. It is not at all clear to me that watching such a play does me any good, or in any way improves my mind. Were it not by Shakespeare I would have silenced it in horror an hour ago.

Titus seems to have many affinities with King Lear. Titus is Lear. This Cordelia is silent because her tongue has been cut out. Lear's daughters betray him. Titus' sons are killed. Which came first, Lear or Titus? Don't answer that, I can easily find out. Andronicus is early, I learn. The rough stone from which is carved Lear, and Macbeth, and bits of Othello. Antony Hopkins is involved, and there's a distinct hint also of Hannibal Lector.

You live and learn. It's the final feast. What the hell is going to happen now?

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