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June 02, 2003

Yes, people. Look over to your right. What you thought would never happen (what with how often I have promised it) has happened, and this is now a Real Blog. It may not yet be a very good one, but it definitely now is one.

My deepest thanks to all those who have had me on their permanent links lists without me reciprocating, and in general my apologies in all directions for having taken so long to get this essential aspect of blogging even semi-properly organised.

Any comments on or complaints about these links would now be very welcome. Faced with the difficulty of classifying many of these links, I have for now contented myself with only one distinction, between a link to a blog and a link to a not-blog. That nuance aside, everything educational has been hurled into two alphabetised buckets, with learned commentators on educational policy rubbing shoulders with chatty clappy Christian homeschoolers, maths study guides with websites devoted to privatising everything educational that you can think of. In short, I gave up trying to get it completely right, and have concentrated on getting a first base established. I'd welcome any suggestions about how to classify these various links more exactly, and thus perhaps more helpfully.

And now that I know how to do all this better than I did before, now would be a good time to suggest more blogs and sites that it would make sense for me to include. In fact, comments on any aspect of this operation from links that actually don't, to spelling blunders, to further suggestions, and even to suggested dismissals on the grounds of, I don't know, being ghastly.

One possible addition Real Soon Now may be a clutch of official British government sites on educational matters, and another obvious one would also be the education pages of the cost-free mainstream media.

I also suspect that when I take another crack at this, part of the answer may be to have pages like the one that Jim of Jim's Journal has at his site. Jim has favoured this blog with a number of comments over the last few weeks, and when I looked at his page of favourite blogs I discovered how very much I admired this man, who, incidentally, has an very educational job. Reynolds, Lileks, some guy called Pepys, Sullivan, Pournelle, Postrel, various others, and me, twice. Thrice, if you count Samizdata. (And Jennings.)

But more to my point here is that short descriptions of blogs, rather than just these massive lists, may prove to be the way to go, as has already been suggested by Alice, although I'm afraid I can't find when or where, for the usual boring Blogger reasons. (Although I hear that they are promising to do better, Real Soon Now.)

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 07:48 PM
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Okay if no one else will comment, I will. I've already spotted a particularly choice spelling mistake in the links: Rational Patenting.

Now there's an idea for a blog.

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on June 3, 2003 04:44 PM


The Smith Family Journal now occurs twice.

I'm going shopping, so these won't be fixed yet.

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on June 3, 2003 04:45 PM

Great work Brian.

Seeing as you already have a few adjustments to make perhaps you could make a tweak to 'Samiszdata' as well.

By the way, I'm almost ready to order the Michel Thomas German Vocabulary Builder to follow up on the 8 hour course (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0340789735/202-7589350-4227040) and then I shall be reading Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (http://www.faz.de) fluently. Ich denke nicht so!

Comment by: mark holland on June 3, 2003 11:31 PM

Hey! I found I was linked here through my referrer logs. Thanks! Reciprocal link will be forthcoming.

One point: I'd prefer you use either "Tammy's Homeschooling Blog" or "Sherbet in a Spoon" since otherwise it seems too long to include both. Kwim? But, hey, it's your call.

Since you asked for suggestions, it might be handy to classify some of the blogs into "specifically homeschool" and "those that comment on education, including homeschool." ::Shrug:: If you go that way, my blog would be in the specifically homeschool section.

Comment by: Tammy on June 5, 2003 01:00 AM


I'll get that sorted and drop the sherbet and spoon bit.

And I think you're right about separating out the homeschoolers. I'll get on to that Real Soon Now.


Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on June 5, 2003 12:59 PM
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