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June 30, 2003
Teacher training

According to this (which I got to from here), my spelling age is fourteen and a half, and falling.

To be a bit more serious, I think that putting documents like this (for those who hate following links, this one is a page full of words to test spelling prowess), and while we're on the subject this (which does something similar for reading age), is extremely valuable, and fraught with educational significance. Sooner or later the lowdown on how to teach children the 3Rs will be entirely available for free on the Internet, in the form of a step by step guide of the sort that is commonplace when one is trying to assemble furniture from a box, but which is hard to come by for the trivial matter of teaching children to read and write and add up.

Of course, maybe it's there already and I haven't been informed. You know what to do.

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