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August 31, 2003
Higher education is not always a very good idea (revised version)

Commenting on this, Charles Copeland links to this webpage (with no apparent connection to anything else I could find anywhere) about Media Studies, which offers an alternative view of the benefits of higher education.

For some reason the original posting saying the above is misbehaving, so I've done it again and will delete the first one, if I can.

The comments at the Samizdata posting are piling up.

Yes, the old posting is now gone. I wanted to add the bit about comments piling up, and couldn't get into it, but I seem to be able to revise this posting. I don't know what caused this, but it seems now to have stopped.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:42 PM
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I've managed to make it through life to age 32 without any useful skills.

I started out as a totally unemployable degenerate but managed to clean up my act enough to get regular employment in an aluminium foundry. After a couple of years there, I managed to get enough together to invest in a private course in IT, and from there I got a good position in an IT datacenter. While there, I continued studying network engineering; but the IT downturn resulted in my career being blown out of the water.

So now I'm back working in a plastics factory.

I was pondering having a go at university next year, but I've decided against it. I'm not a career minded person; my taste of corporate life in IT makes me think it's not worth a candle.

I'm lucky of course in that I don't have a wife, kids or material ambitions, so a factory worker's wage is quite adequate to pay for my high speed internet, satellite television, and sport tickets.

I'm just glad I didn't bore myself to tears watching B-grade movies doing media studies.

Comment by: Scott Wickstein on August 31, 2003 08:51 PM
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