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September 09, 2003

The trouble with encouraging teachers to teach rather than become bureaucrats is that they then teach instead of becoming bureaucrats:

Heads believe one reason for the reluctance to take top jobs is the Government's attempt to persuade good teachers to stay in the classroom by offering them higher pay. A head of department may only earn 1,000 a year more than a teacher who refuses to take on extra responsibilities. Another is the high workload and increasingly bureaucratic nature of senior teaching posts.

Next: they'll encourage teachers to become bureaucrats, and then worry about the fact that they are becoming bureaucrats instead of teachers.

The word is Sovietisation. Under advanced Sovietisation (late Sovietisation?) there are so many objectives that in the end the teachers just say to hell with it, and reach for the vodka. The way to get purposelessness is to pile up the purposes until each separate purpose no longer matters. You can then play them all off against each other and do nothing.

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