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October 16, 2003
Educator Alice

Alice Bachini sums up (title: "Whew") a recent burst of educational theorising thus:

I just finished a series of rants on an autonomous-learning kind of theme, over on my blog.

Education invites commenters to write about memorable learning incidents in their lives. Education addendum expresses some of the frustrations we unschoolers have to put up with when dealing with the ignorant and uninitiated. Avril Lavigne makes some points about growing good musical ideas. Then (ie above) there is some other stuff. And then there is a review of Avril Lavigne, who I think sums up a lot of what TCS parenting, life and learning are about, and why it matters.

And now I am having a bath.

Which the general opinion of her friends and associates is: she earned. Also at the other TCS blog or whatever it's called this week, Emma joins in the argument.

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