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November 10, 2003
The Moral Maze does egalitarian education

Email from Tim Haas:

If you didn't catch it, you might find this past week's "Moral Maze" on Radio 4 of interest: www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/religion/moralmaze/moralmaze.shtml

The putative topic was whether Diane Abbott was a hypocrite, but it really turned out to be a fairly good examination of the agenda of the egalitarian education movement and whether public school parents (the term "independent schools" is making some inroads over there, I see) are buying better education or just privilege. It seems like the British left really can't let go of class rhetoric.

Thanks. I'm not very clever at making these sound file thingies work, and wasn't able to get this one going. Plus, it rather looks as if this particular link won't last, for educational purposes, as you can only access the latest programme. Still, useful to a few, I hope.

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