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December 09, 2003
Students who behaved more like school children

As Jackie D says, Clive Soley MP has stirred up some interesting comments about tuition fees.

Such as this from David T:

I used to be a university lecturer. I taught at a number of institutions: Southampton, a couple of London University colleges, a couple of Oxford colleges, and City University. At City, my students were almost entirely self-funding.

It was notable that at City, the students had a very different attitude to their course. They wanted, desperately, to learn and be taught. They insisted on being taught well, and complained if they were not. They asked for me to set them essays and examinations.

By contrast, at certain of the other universities, the attitude of many students was more akin to school children. Some students complained about being set "homework", for example.

There is a real value in students who lets face it, are adults having a stake in their own education. The financial stake this government is proposing is modest and should be supported.

As a footnote, when I was an undergraduate, I was involved in the campaign against student loans. As a good labour party member, I also knocked on doors during elections all the way through the late 1980s. After seeing the reaction of ordinary people to the suggestion that the student grant should be restored, I soon stopped talking about it on the doorstep!

And it's pretty depressing also when children are treated in such a way that they too spend all their time behaving "like school children".

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